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For Sale: Top Metal Drill Press Brand


Machines and equipment used for heavy metal fabrication are sensitive topics to discuss. A machine can only be called the best when certified to use. When the machineries are long-lasting, durable, and affordable, that is when you can label them as authentic. In the market, you will find people promoting various metal press for sale; however, it is better to check out some brands of the metal drill press.

A metal drill press is a motorized tool that is used to make holes in metal. These are similar to drills used to punch holes in wood or plastic. Unlike those, these presses effectively punch holes in the metal so that they can be bent or fabricated well in further processes. While looking for a review or buying hardware equipment online or offline, it is better to look for price, expiry, standard certification, quality, etc. More importantly, it is better to decide if the product is worth spending your money on or not. Without further ado, it is time to look at the top metal drill press brand.

Top Metal Drill Press Brand

Top Metal Drill Press Brand For Sale:

  • Hougen HMD904 115- Volt Magnetic Drill

The Hougen metal drill press works on electrical cords and comes in the color silver and blue. The color will for sure give people some comfort in the eye while working. This drill press is on top because it is one of the best ergonomic equipment ever developed. The metals will easily be fabricated in the shape you prefer. One of the reasons for this press being ergonomic is that being multi-purpose and heavy electricity generation, it is also lightweight to carry. It has been equipped with a safety system to turn off in case of any potential damage automatically. Plus, the maintenance required is less hence lower maintenance cost as well. This machine can drill a hole in the most intricate metal with accuracy.

  • WEN 4214 Speed Drill Press:

The 12-inch drill press is one of the speediest drill presses in the market as its speed accuracy ranges from 580-3200 RMPS. It is attached to a LED light which pops up as the speed range indicator. The drilling operations are easy to read without any complications as the spindle travel is 3-⅛”. The depth motor range is 22 inches with a diameter of 2.17 inches. All of this ensures a smooth drill so that the shape of the metal is maintained.

  • WEN 4208T Iron Benchtop Drill Press:

This drill press is coated with orange color, which gives out the mechanical vibe of any engineer. This multi-purpose equipment can drill a hole out of metal, plastic, and wood alike. Its ½ inch chuck contains all the key storage alongside an 8-inch swing, 2.3 A induction motor, and 2-inch spindle. It is covered with cast iron which will keep the drilling operations stable.


Browsing various drill presses makes it complicated and confusing at the same time for the person to choose the equipment of the best quality. Shortlisting some of the best drill presses will make it easier for the consumer to create the perfect decision. Even if the equipment is expensive, its usage will make the spending worth it.

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