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Wild Food Garden: Which Indigenous Food To Plant In The Backyard Garden?


Indigenous foods of Australia can also be called the native bush foods of Australia. They have benefits that are getting popular among food-loving people. Moreover, herbal foods have started to become an additional member of the diet list of many health-conscious people. Although they are the staple food of indigenous people for many years and have now become the favorite nutritional choice for cooking shows and books as well.

For their combined power of nutrition and flavor, people have started to consider planting these wild foods in their backyard gardens as well. As these foods are still on the way to becoming a common diet, people might be in confusion as to how to plant these native bush foods. The good news is gardening the bush food is very easy and needs minimum requirements for a beginner’s tutorial.

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Important Tips For Planting Wild Bush In The Garden:

According to many indigenous food experts, if the amount of sunlight that falls on the plants is controlled, by control it means if one plant is kept in a shade and the other in the open gardenscape then there will be various species that will bloom in the garden. The benefits of gardening indigenous foods are people will be able to get the fresh produce right in their homes and it will bring assurance that there are no toxic chemicals sprayed or added, hence no risk to health. Plus the ingredients chosen for dinner will be healthy because the person will know what they are putting on their dinner plate.

Another tip is to plant not only the edible wild herbs but also some flowering herbs. With this, it will look good in presentation, plus many indigenous flowers have medicinal properties, so it will be a good remedy at home during emergencies.

Gardening Wild Bush Food: What To Start With?

If you have decided to plant indigenous plants and are struggling with what to start with then the easiest starting would be with Saltbush. A herb in general, this plant is easy to look after and can also be combined with other normal herbs as well. It can be consumed as a dehydrated food and can also be added to fish or meat due to its salty taste and texture.

Try Some Nutritional Bush Greens:

Now if you are serious about a healthy and nutritious diet then normally you would always have leafy greens planted in your food. If you are into indigenous food and health, then some warrigal greens would be the better option for you all. They are native or indigenous spinach and can easily be consumed mixed with salads. This spinach is resilient and is naturally grown in the coastal regions of Australia. However, the drawback is that overconsuming the spinach lead to kidney stones as it is high in oxalates.


Small indigenous berries and lemon myrtles can easily be planted in the backyard garden of the house. The point is it is not that much hard to plant these plants their uses are also found in the Australian bush food book as well. You can easily plant a healthy lifestyle for easier convenience in your own house.

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