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The PSAT And SAT’s Differing Formats


As the competition to enroll in an accredited university increases, new standardized tests are being invented to test students’ analytical understanding. No matter how many tests there are, tests like SAT and ACT will always be the first choice for students. A new addition, PSAT, is known as the Preliminary SAT, and it is divided into three sections: PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10 & PSAT/NMSQT, and psat tutoring became demanding.

Unlike SAT, which is conducted to make up for the score required to get admission to the university, PSAT is undertaken to test or to get the score needed to graduate from high school. SAT and PSAT are similar in many ways. However, it is essential to know their differences so that students understand choosing and preparing for the correct exam.

Similarities Between SAT and PSAT:

PSAT and SAT are similar to some extent but not identical at all. The similarities between SAT and PSAT include the following:

Testing Content: Surprisingly, the subject section of these two testing systems is the same, and it does create a dispute over the quote where “not identical” was stated. The reading passage and mathematical chapters in the PSAT are the same as in SAT, and the vocabulary-based questions that come in SAT are also included in the PSAT.

Question Struction: The question structure of both these testing systems is not that varied. PSAT also contains reading and writing sections, with math sections consisting of questions using or without the calculator.

Test Scores: The scoring system of both SAT and PSAT are the same. However, there is some scoring system in the science section as well in PSAT; hence, the total mark is adjusted according to the number of questions or chapters.

Penalty: There was once a time when there were deductions in choosing the wrong answers. However, in both PSAT and SAT, there are no penalties or minus marks if you wrote or selected a wrong answer. The correct answer, as a result, will not be included in the final calculation.

Difference Between SAT And PSAT:

Exam Purpose: No matter how many similarities the two testing systems hold for themselves, there will always be a difference. Whereas the SAT is one of the basic requirements for the university admission test, PSAT is just testing the merit based-ability of a student in middle and high school.

Scoring: The question structure might be a bit similar; however, there will never be any similarity between scores. Generally, SAT score is based on a scale of 200-1600, where 800 is the general high requirement for university admission. The PSAT score is based on a scale of 320-1520 and above 650 is generally reasonable.

Timing: The only timing difference between PSAT and SAT questions is that you get some seconds extra for the math test.


PSAT and SAT have more differences, like the question difficulty and score logistics. Both determine students’ ability to understand problems and help them master those questions and tests.

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